First Year Recruitment Story: Taylor

Going into college my freshman year, sorority recruitment was one of the top things on my list to get involved in. The decision was very easy for me because growing up I had one sister, but we didn't have a whole lot in common and were not very close. I wanted to go into college and find something more than a friendship; a sisterhood, a support system and a group of girls I knew I could always turn to. So I signed up right away and couldn't wait. 

But when the process came, it was a bit more daunting. I went from chapter to chapter on the first day thinking, "this is so overwhelming!" but as the days progressed and I went to the houses I connected with the most, it became fun and exciting. By the last round, preference day, I knew the chapter I wanted to be in. This was the house that invited me back after I dropped a donut in my coffee and splashed it everywhere (oops). That showed me these girls weren't judging me for dumb things (like you probably see sorority girls in the movies do). This was the house that I could talk to one of the women about my major, and they could make a joke about how hard it was and still encourage me to pursue it and put my all into it. That was the type of chapter I wanted to be in, the girls just like me, who were ambitious, funny and down to earth. 

This isn't about how my chapter is better than any of the others. It's about how, through recruitment, I found the chapter that best fit me. Every chapter brings something unique and all have amazing qualities, and I never would have learned that or found my home away from home if I hadn't gone through recruitment. My sisters are truly like real sisters to me and have been there for me through all my ups and downs of my past two years of college. I am forever thankful I went through recruitment, to find amazing women like them, and the fraternity and sorority community as a whole, who inspire me everyday.