First Year Recruitment Story: Savannah

I came to college with my mind made up - I was going to stay far away from Fraternity and Sorority Life. I had an image in my head of what being in a sorority was like and I was sure that it wasn't for me. 

As the first couple of weeks of the semester went by, recruitment sign ups started. I was still set against it, but a friend convinced me to go through recruitment. During the week long process, I gained a whole new perspective and level of respect for sororities and all of the women. 

During the week I expected to meet the stereotypical party girls, but instead I met women with goals, confidence and a love for their sisterhood - and that's what made the biggest impression on me. I realized that being in a sorority was more than just date parties and amazing Instagram posts, it was about finding women who share the same core values and aspirations as you. 

I came to Drake from Georgia, so living so far away from home was very hard for me throughout my first year. But being in a sorority has given me a support system of over a hundred women that are rooting for me to succeed, simply because I'm their sister. It became a place to get away from campus, a place to come home to.