First Year Recruitment Story: Haley

My recruitment experience will go down as one of my favorite college memories. Even though it was rainy, humid, and I was hobbling around on crutches due to a broken knee, it was an incredible week. Getting to meet so many wonderful women during the nights of recruitment helped solidify why I was at Drake and why I wanted to be involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life. 

Looking back on my experience, it is crazy how quickly it flew by and before I knew it, I had found my new home and a new family. The first night of recruitment was super overwhelming because there were all these wonderful chapters filled with amazing women and my mind was whirling with so many different possibilities. As the nights went on, it became more and more clear to me where I belonged. 

If I had to chose my favorite memory from recruitment, it would be Bid Day. I was one of the first groups of women to receive my bid and find out where my new home was and so I got to wait and watch the girls who were all of my new sisters and the joy of everyone else's face when they went to join their chapter. The excitement and joy was high and I could feel the elation throughout the room. 

Waiting to run down the stairs of Olmstead with my new pledge class to greet our new sisters was a test of my patience. I couldn't wait to begin my journey in my sorority and start creating long lasting friendships with everyone. The excitement built and when we finally burst through the doors, right into the arms of the women I knew I belonged with, I felt like I was home. 

The rest of Bid Day flashed by in a flurry of photos, glitter, hugs, and sisterhood. It was the perfect way to end an amazing recruitment week and I knew the system had worked, and I was welcomed into the chapter where I knew I belonged.