First Year Recruitment Story: Sharmi

Going through recruitment during my first year at Drake was one of the best decisions I have made. Looking back on my experience, I realized how many positive things came out of it including making lifelong friends, continuing to have motivation to exceed my own expectations, as well as having a support system that I never thought I would need. 

I was hesitant about registering for recruitment due to a prior commitment I had during the week of events. Yet after sharing my concerns with an older student, I realized how willing the members of Fraternity and Sorority Life were to assist me and ensure I was still able to go through recruitment. I will forever be grateful for taking a chance and stepping out of my comfort zone to join a sorority in which I have been able to thrive as an individual, a sister, as well as a friend. 

Though I joined during the fall of my first year, I still get just as excited to wear my letters today. I remember going to India during my sophomore year and while at the airport I saw another woman wearing the same letters as me! The excitement and pride that comes with meeting others in different chapters is a rewarding experience in itself. 

The bonds you create with your sisters not only at your own school and chapter, but at others across the nation, is amazing. Along with this, being able to 'kite' at places across the world lets me carry my pride of being a Theta everywhere I go! I remember being so excited to be at a kite festival in India and sharing with my relatives what the kite means to us members of Theta. Being in my chapter has motivated me to continue my goal of becoming a pharmacist one day and has pushed me to get an MBA degree as well. 

I have always valued being an individual, but my chapter taught me how it is okay to have to rely on others sometimes, whether that be a shoulder to cry on or just have somebody to give you a ride to a job shadow. Some of my best friends are members of my chapter and it has meant so much to me that I gained these relationships just because I stepped out of my comfort zone my first year.